Thank you for your interest in Mandy's Room. Below are answers to the most common questions.

What type of erotic/sexual content is in Mandy's Room.

Mandy is a very naughty girl, who loves to pleasure herself. In Mandy's Room, you will experience a number of scenes of explicit masturbation, both solo/manual and with the assistance of devices. These scenes are also accompanied by an explicit voice-over as well.

Will Mandy's Room work on a PC or Mac without a VR system/headset?

Absolutely. Mandy's Room is an excellent, fun experience on the Mac and PC, even without a VR headset. You will simply "Nod" and "Shake" your head at Mandy, by moving the mouse up and down or left and right.

Will Mandy's Room work on an older or "not-top-of-the-line" PC?

Yes. When you launch Mandy's Room, you are provided a number of quality and screen resolution options to choose from. With some trial and error, you should be able to find settings that will run Mandy's Room on just about any old PC/laptop.

My Mac is Telling Me that the program can't run because it is by an unknown developer

This is a Mac security measure, because the Mandy's Room game is not coming from the Mac App Store. You can get around this by holding down the CONTROL key when you click the app, and then choose "OPEN".