New Mandy’s Room Merchandise

Hey Mandy Fans. Just wanted to let you know that we have just posted two “Mandy and Mr. J.” designs on Redbubble, where you can order T-shirts, phone cases, posters, stickers and even a pillow (we all know how much Mandy likes pillows). The designs look really nice, including Mandy in her cutest undies, asking Mr. J. if he is “watching”. If you feel so inclined, check them out!.

All purchases will, of course, support the development of future Mandy content (but don’t worry, future Mandy content is on the way, whether you buy a T-shirt or not). Here are the two designs.


“Mandy’s Dream” is here!

In the new FREE DLC, which is already included in the “Extra Features” section of Mandy’s Room, Mandy dreams that you transform from a cute-and-fuzzy robot into a real man, who can give her what she has been wanting for so long. In “Mandy’s Dream”, you can “Interact” with Mandy in a number of new, exciting, sexy ways.

If you already own Mandy’s Room, all you need to do is download the latest version to experience Mandy’s Dream. If you have trouble downloading the latest version, contact us at

Mandy is naked, all alone on a beach, waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Get in there!

Customization is now live! Make your own Mandy!

We have just updated Mandy’s Room to the latest version, V1.10, which includes the new much-anticipated customization features. Now you can customize Mandy’s look to your own specific liking.

You can change Mandy’s Hair Style, Hair color, Skin tone etc. There is even a green skin, for those who may have a thing for Elphaba or She-hulk. We don’t judge!

If you already have Mandy’s Room, just pull up your original purchase email and re-download the game to get up to date. Change her style and relive some of your favorite moments with her new look.

Preview of Customization Features

Here are a few quick screenshots of the Customization Features we are working on for Mandy’s Room. Soon you will be able to modify Mandy’s look to meet your own tastes and complete “Mandy’s Room” with your own customized Mandy.

We hope to have this new customization capability in place in Mandy’s Room as soon as next week! Stay tuned.

Mandy’s Room Version 1.07 Released!

We just released a small update to Mandy’s Room. Here is what’s included:

  • A new SCENES feature, where you can revisit six of the key scenes within the game, after completion. Once your game is updated, the new button should already be there and available to you if you have finished the game.
  • A cute Halloween themed Main Menu.
  • More enhancements to the menu navigation using VR controllers, including the Oculus Remote.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Make sure your copy of Mandy’s Room is updated, and Have Fun!

Exciting things coming to Mandy’s Room!

You asked for it!

We have just started development on a couple of add-on scenes that will be called “Mandy’s Dream”. In these scenes Mandy dreams that Mr. J. becomes a real man, and she can finally get what she really wants from him.

We have already received the audio from our super-talented voice actress and it is sooooo hot!

Stay tuned!

Customization coming soon!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have heard your requests so far, and are hard at work making Mandy customizable. New features in development will allow you to choose from:

  • Four unique hair styles
  • Six hair colors
  • Four eye colors
  • Five skin tones
  • Adjustable upper body parts (larger or smaller)
  • Adjustable lower body parts (larger or smaller)

We will post screenshots of the customization process soon, and as soon as the new customization features are ready, they will be added to Mandy’s Room as a free update for everyone who owns the game.

Stay tuned for more!

Mandy’s Room Update/Patch 1.06 released.

We have updated Mandy’s Room this morning to version 1.06. This update includes:

  • Visual enhancement when running without VR, including improved Anti-Aliasing and Ambient Occlusion.
  • Improved controls on the Main Menu with various controllers (as requested in feedback).
  • Improved contrast on Main Menu buttons (as requested).
  • In VR, from any screen, press “R” to reset the camera view (as requested).

Thanks again to all of our supporters!

Mandy’s Room is available on STEAM NOW!

We are extremely excited to announce that Mandy’s Room is now available on STEAM!

STEAM’s recent changes to allow “Adult Only” content make it the perfect platform for the release of Mandy’s Room to a larger, more targeted audience. We look forward to the feedback from the STEAM community on the game.