Developer Interview: Dave Hayes part 1

This is part one of an interview with Dave Hayes, the creator of Mandy’s Room. Stay tuned for more…

Sarah Bowman: So, what exactly did you set out to make here with Mandy’s Room, and did you succeed?

Dave Hayes: Well, what we were really trying to create with Mandy’s Room is a happy, fun erotic/sexual experience. There is so much “porn” content in the world that is dark and dirty and is sort of hot but also kind of makes you say “yuck” at the same time. We wanted to do the opposite here. We want to create an erotic or sexual experience that is Fun and Lighthearted and Happy and Cute and Pleasant. Things that a lot of porn just aren’t.

And I think we did succeed. In the case of Mandy’s Room, she’s just a cute, simple girl who loves orgasms. There is no doubt that she is being genuine, because you can read her mind, and hear how much she is enjoying herself. She even stops occasionally in the middle of her activities to giggle and laugh at how much fun she is having. It is an erotic experience with no guilt or shame. She is enjoying what she is doing, and as the game progresses, she is enjoying the fact that you are watching her. Everyone wins.

Sarah Bowman: So, what makes Mandy’s Room different than other Adult Video Games and VR products

Dave Hayes: Mandy’s Room is very different. If you look into the Adult VR market, there is a lot if very high-tech, cutting-edge stuff. Some amazing stuff. Some folks out there are pushing the limits of the tech every day, and creating demos and tests and alphas and concepts that are awesome. But there are very few folks in the field who are creating real products with any kind of story.

There is a nearly limitless number of demos and games you can find where you can look at a very attractive woman in VR. You can usually change things about them like their skin color and breast size, and then you can pose them and poke at them and watch things jiggle and stuff. They are cool, and can be great fun, but that is not what we wanted to make.

Mandy’s Room is first and foremost an erotic experience. It is a story that draws you in. Just the fact that we had a published author of erotica involved in the scripting, and a professional voice actress for our character’s voice, sets up apart by a mile, I think. You get to know the character, laugh about the situation, and really enjoy being immersed in her story and her time in her bedroom. It’s not a tech demo, it’s an erotic experience that makes use of the tech to the best of our ability to create the immersive experience.

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