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Mandy's Room 2: Naughty By Nature is here!

Continue your adventures with Mandy, the sweet, multi-orgasmic cutie who loves it when you watch her, especially when she is being "naughty". In Mandy’s Room 2, you take on the role of "Mr. Jenkins" once again. As her glitchy robotic diary, you continue to read Mandy’s mind and hear every cute and naughty thought she has.

In this second adventure, you accompany Mandy and her new BFF Molly on a weekend trip to a secluded cabin in the woods. But knowing Mandy, this won't be any ordinary sleepover. The two girls quickly discover that they have similar "naughty" interests, and before you know it, the clothes come off and the two begin to play a series of "sleepover games" that lead to some very intimate moments. Being a spectator for a game of hide-and-seek has never been this much fun!


Meet Mandy

Mandy is cute, sweet, funny, and multi-orgasmic. She's an eighteen-year-old college student who spends most of her time alone in her room. She's a bright, happy, fun girl who loves the color pink, stuffed animals and cute undies and socks.

Mandy has lots of secrets, that she is very excited to share. Some of her secrets are simple and cute, and some are awfully naughty.

In her newest adventure, Naughty by Nature, Mandy spends the weekend with her friend Molly at a private cabin in the woods where they play lots of fun sleepover games, leading to tons of naked, naughty girl-on-girl fun.

WARNING: The Mandy's Room games contain a number of sexually explicit scenes featuring masturbation and lesbian sex. Anyone who might not enjoy being in the room with beautiful girls as she gives themselves and each other orgasms in full virtual reality, should not purchase Mandy's Room.


What People Are Saying


Mr. Jenkins

You play the role of "Mr. Jenkins", a telepathic robotic personal diary device that Mandy has just set up in her bedroom. You record her thoughts and actions when she 'Wakes' you, and interact with her through simple nods and head-shakes.

You quickly become Mandy's new best friend and she is excited to have someone to share all of her secrets with. She quickly learns just how much she enjoys it when you watch her, and even decides to take you with her for her weekend camping trip with her new BFF Molly.

Optimized for VR

The Mandy's Room games were built from the start as a Erotic Virtual Reality Experiences. Compatible with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, the Mandy's Room games provide erotic VR experiences like no other. Sit back and relax as you observe and interact with Mandy and her Best friend Molly in their 'Intimate Moments' using only simple Nods and Headshakes.

VR equipment is not required. We think you will find that both Mandy's Room games are fun, exciting, erotic stories that are worth experiencing on any PC or Mac, even without a VR system.




The Mandy's Room games are lighthearted, fun erotic experiences featuring:

  • Full American-English voice-over by Professional Voice Actresses with serious erotic skills.
  • Erotic Stories from start to finish that are fun, titillating and enjoyable.
  • Casual, easy to follow experiences meant to be enjoyed while relaxing in your favorite chair.
  • High-Resolution, High-definition visuals and animations.
  • Dynamic body physics.
  • A lead character that is cute, sweet, happy and fun, and multi-orgasmic.
  • Simple, casual interactions through Nods and Head Shakes.
  • Full VR compatibility for Oculus and Vive.
  • Humor, pop-culture references and Easter-eggs.
  • 'Naughty' language throughout.
  • 'Intimate moments' filled with lip-biting, moans, shouts and squeals, with quite a few giggles mixed in.

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